Who We Are

The program coordinators Ellen Ross and Hunter Edberg are Master in Environmental Management candidates from Western Colorado University.

Goal of Our Program

The SGC team is dedicated to creating access to  renewable energy through the solar industry, energy efficiency, and energy education in the Gunnison Valley.

Our Partners

Solarize Gunnison County is sponsored by Coldharbour Institute, a local non-profit which facilitates education, incubation, and demonstration of responsible personal, community, and land practices.

How It Works

Solarize Gunnison County is a group buy-in program from February through April 2019. The more people who sign up to Go Solar during that time, the less expensive it is for all residential and commercial customers in the program.

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Registration for Solarize (February through April 2019) does not bind you to participating or installing solar on your home or business. Rather registration simply means that you are interested in learning more about going solar and receiving a free, no obligation site assessment through the Solarize program.

Once you register, a follow up email will arrive in your inbox for a complimentary Remote Site Assessment. Don’t forget to check your Spam folders if you don’t see it in your inbox.


Register today, because the group buy-in program ends April 30, 2019!

Some Interesting Facts


Years of Installation Experience


Local Investment Dollars (In Millions)


Commercial Installations


Days Of Sunshine in Colorado

What We Offer

Solarize Gunnison County is a group buy-in program brought to you by
technical consulting through the Solar Forward program by Solar Energy International, dedicated to providing industry-leading technical training in renewable energy technology.


Solarize Delta County resulted in 57 new solar PV installations for commercial and residential customers and brought $1.25 million in local investment.

Community Building Program

The more people who sign up to “Solarize” their homes or businesses, the less expensive it is for all community members.

Local Partners

Solarize Gunnison County has partnered with the local solar installer, Nunatak Alternative Energy Solutions

Our Team

Promoting the Solar Industry!

Join Our Mission to Promote Economic Development and Energy Efficiency in the Gunnison Valley.

Latest News

Upcoming Events

Our calendar to the left has updated info on our upcoming events in the Gunnison area. Please contact us and let us know if you would like something added to the calendar.solarizegunnisoncounty@gmail.com

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