About Solarize Gunnison County

Solarize Gunnison County is a group buy-in program brought to you by
technical consulting through the Solar Forward program by Solar Energy International. This program was piloted in Delta County. Solarize Delta County resulted in 57 new solar PV installations for commercial and residential customers and brought $1.25 million in local investment. Solarize Gunnison County will work to help residential and commercial customers improve their energy efficiency as well as market discounted solar through the group buy-in program. The more people sign up to “Solarize” their homes or businesses, the less expensive it is for all community members.

Solarize Gunnison County has partnered with the local solar installer, Nunatak Alternative Energy Solutions. Nunatak has 13 years of experience installing on-grid and off-grid solar systems in the valley and is excited about growing the solar industry in the valley. Solarize Gunnison County aims to grow the solar industry in the valley and create jobs through a solarize jobs and training program. (More to come on that aspect)

“There are many in the Gunnison Valley that would like to see solar utilized more, and this program is the perfect catalyst. Adding solar capacity for residents, schools, and businesses will have a great impact on local economic development, reduce our region’s carbon footprint, and make our local power grid more resilient. The addition of solar on a small scale could also be very useful to leverage the support needed for utility scale solar in the valley as well,” Hunter Edberg, Solarize Gunnison County Program Coordinator.

Solarize Gunnison County is sponsored by Coldharbour Institute, dedicated to facilitating education, incubation, and demonstration of responsible personal, community, and land practices. The program coordinators are Master in Environmental Management candidates Ellen Ross and Hunter Edberg.