Remote Solar Site Assessment Form

Please fill out the form below with as much information as you can:



You can choose to offset a portion or all of your electrical usage with PV.

System size can be limited by: utility limits, available square footage, &/or cost. Based on your annual kWh
usage (from question 3), use the chart below to determine approximate system cost.

System Cost Guideline – Cash Customer with south facing roof and no shading.

Ideal systems have no shading with true south orientation and favorable roof pitch of approximately 30°. We
believe each PV system is unique and deserves a custom quote to provide the best pricing available. *Consult
your tax professional for determining your eligibility for receiving the federal tax credit.

Factors that increase the system cost:

1) Systems under 2.32kW
2) Roof factors: Multiple story roof / Steep roof / Tile roof / Shake or Slate roof / Roof tilt rack / Flat roof
3) Ground mounted systems
4) Electrical considerations: Long wire runs / Interior conduit runs / Service upgrade / Line side
5) Data acquisition system (system monitoring)
6) Production meter
7) US module option
8) Inverter warranty extension
9) Emergency power supply for SMA inverter
10) Town Building Permits
11) Structural analysis and reinforcement
12) Roof replacement
13) Travel adders for Lake City
14) Tree removal
15) Utility meter upgrade – service shutdown
16) Tax rate on materials – 2% for county and 4% for within town limits
17) Corrective AC work
18) Utility transformer upgrade
19) Asphalt concrete repair